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Dale Carnegie’s inspirational quote

✪ We often hear many sayings from people around us.

✪ And if it belongs to a famous person, then there is no question. Who doesn’t like to know the sayings of famous people.

✪ Famous people give these sayings in their own language but over time it has been translated into our language. “Dale Brackenridges


✪ (Actually Carnegie was until 1922 and probably a little later);

✪ (Born: November 24, 18 – Died: November 1, 1955) was an American author, professor, and at the same time a famous self-improvement training.

✪ Such as: Safe-Improvement, Salesmanship, Corporate Training, Public Speaking, and Inventor of Inter Personal Skills.

✪ He was born into a poor Missouri peasant family.

✪ He is the author of How to Win Friends and Influential People (published in 1936), which is still a hugely popular bestseller.

✪ He is also the author of How to Stop Having and Start Living (), Lincoln the Unknown, and many more.

✪ The peculiarity of his book is that it is possible to change the behavior of others through differences in one’s own reactions. “

✪ Note: As a boy, he used to get up at four in the morning every day to collect milk from domesticated cows,

✪ However, he continued his studies at Central Missouri State University in Wেrzburg.

✪ Whoever has more work than words, success comes to him, because the deeper the river, the less the sound of its flow.

✪ বেন Remember, your happiness does not depend on who you are or what you have, your happiness depends on how you think.

✪ নয় Not imitate, not follow, find yourself, know yourself, go your own way.

✪ আমাদের We need to show something closer and clearer than something far away filled with ambiguity.

✪ Self-esteem, self-knowledge, self-control- these three can only make man omnipotent. The right way of life depends on them.

✪ নয় It is not right to expect the whole world to treat you well if you are a good person.

✪ If you are a vegetarian, won’t a bull chase you? ”

✪ Failure comes when we neglect our duties and do not accept any responsibility with sincerity.

✪ I wanted to be as successful as famous people; I worked hard for it but I did not succeed, so I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right.

✪ চেয়ে Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

✪ অর্থ Having no idea what you are going to do means you are like a blind passenger in the dark.

✪ মেনে Accept what could be the worst in the world. If you are the biggest frustrator then accept that death can be the worst for you. Now focus on your work.

✪ Remember body for life but body for life. You never died. So what you do from now on is a bonus for you. You may not be Charles Dickens or Shakespeare.

✪ But you can be one of the best of your time. You can also compose half a century of your time.

✪ করুন Calculate what you get in life, there will be no sorrow of not getting it.

✪ পথ The way to acquire skills is- 1) Remember the experience of others 2) Put your own purpose in front 3) Prepare the mind for success 4) Practice as much as possible.

✪ Want to be happy in married life? Then – do not distrust each other and do not gossip.

✪ নম্বর The number one way to deal with anxiety is to stay busy.

✪ Love your work. We become the best when the feeling behind our work works.

✪ There is only one way to love in the world, and that is to fall in love without expecting anything in return.

✪ লাগে It takes education to behave politely, ignorance is enough to behave rudely.

✪ Remember that in many cases unjust criticism is a hidden compliment: Remember that no one kicks a dead dog.

✪ Remember today was the day you had tomorrow. What you were worried about yesterday is not today.

✪ প্রয়োজন It is important to remember that a happy person is a thousand times more efficient than a depressed person.

✪ When a person is angry, he should not be bothered in any way. Because it can lead to extreme misunderstandings.

✪ প্রতিযোগ Compete with human qualities, not with faults.

✪ Don’t think for more than a minute about things that hurt you.

✪ He who is able to control his mind is the one who has achieved success.

✪ No matter what the situation, you should not judge by the good and the bad of the situation.

✪ Wives who can make their husbands happy are themselves happy with them. They can easily say that our lives are full to the brim with the help of our husbands.

✪ I will be happy only for today.- Abraham Lincoln This means that what Abraham Lincoln said is true,

✪ Most people are as happy as they want to be. Happiness is not an external object – it is an internal object.

✪ Always give the other person a chance to realize their superiority

✪ Success is about getting what you want. Happiness is getting what you want.

✪ নয় Not imitate, not follow, find yourself, know yourself, go your own way.

✪ Use your will every day. Try as many times as you can. Try any hard work.

✪ You have no desire at all to do that. Give happiness back once. Leave happiness at least once. This is the path of work with desire, the path of regular work, the path of work motivated by honest purpose.

Loneliness is much better than bad company.

✪হবে Always smile. Through laughter we can send many problems of life to the distant sky.



  1. anitaannabel says:

    These are some pretty amazing quotes👏🏼👏🏼
    Really encouraging to know he made it despite a rough childhood💙🤗

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    1. I am proud that I have made you happy.


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