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Famous quote of APJ Abul Kalam

Former President of India and renowned nuclear scientist Abul Paki’s Joynal Abedin Abdul Kalam.

APJ Abdul Kalam has gone through many ups and downs in his life. Life has taught him many things. He used to talk about those lessons taken from life very easily.

His famous sayings can change anyone’s life. Here are some of his quotes.

You have to dream before you can make the dream come true. It’s not a dream that you see in your sleep, it’s a dream that doesn’t let you sleep.

If a country has to be free from corruption and all the people of the country have to be built with a good mind, then I think three types of people in the society can do that. They are – a father, a mother and a teacher.

Success stories have only one message. But failure stories have ways to succeed.

When it rains, every bird finds shelter somewhere. But the eagle flew over the clouds and avoided the rain.

I’m not handsome. But I can extend my hand to those who need help. Beauty is in the heart, not in the face.

It is very easy to lose someone, but it is difficult to win someone’s heart.

Don’t just read success stories, just get a message here. If you read the stories of pain, you will get many ideas to be successful.

You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits. And that will change your future.

A good book is equal to 100 friends, but a good friend is like a library.

Confidence and hard work are the biggest medicine to kill the disease called pain. This is what will make you a successful person.

If you feel alone, look at the sky. We are not alone. The world is our friend. Nature helps those who work and dream.

If you want to be the sun, burn yourself like the sun. There needs to be obstacles in people’s lives. Success cannot be enjoyed without obstacles.

Life is a difficult game. The only way to win this game is to become a real person.

All three can change a country or a nation. They are father, mother and teacher.

When someone acquires the knowledge to be extraordinary, he actually becomes ordinary like everyone else.

Leaders are not afraid of problems. Rather know how to deal with the problem. He has to work honestly.

The hardest thing for me as president was to agree to the death sentence handed down by the court. I think people commit crimes because of the surrounding conditions.

The society or economic system responsible for the crime. But we cannot punish that system. Punish the victims of the system.

Dream, dream, dream. You have to dream. You can’t work without dreaming.

The Creator helps those who work hard. Only dreamers can cross the line.

The next generation will remember us only if we can leave a developed and secure India.

The lives of those who do not work from the heart are hollow. They do not get the taste of success. You have to dream until it comes true.

Not just at special times but always trying to give your best. Young people need to think new, think new, make the impossible possible.

Only then will the youth win. Liberals use religion to extend a hand of friendship. But narrow-minded people use religion as a weapon of war.

Now you need to know English to know science. But I believe that in two decades, science will begin to be practiced in our language. And then we will move forward in science like the Japanese.

That good student asks that question. No one can learn without asking questions. Students should be given the opportunity to ask questions.

No one will respect us if we cannot be free. Science is a gift for people who write poems with deep sorrow or joy. Not science for destruction.

Dream, dream, dream. Dreams inspire work. I’m not masculine. But when someone is in danger I extend a helping hand.

Beauty is in people’s minds. Not in appearance.


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