Be wellHumayun Azad”

Be well
Humayun Azad
Be good, flowers, sweet buds, be good.
Be good Dhan, Bhatiali song, be good.
Be good clouds, twinkling stars.
Be good birds, green leaves.
Be well

Be good, char, small house, be good.
Be good kite, blue of the sky, be good.
Good Theko leaves, Nishi’s dew.
Good water, river bank.
Be good trees, fish in the pond, be good.
Be good crow, call Kuhuk, be good.
Good field, shepherd’s bash.
Good morning, pumpkin smile.
Be good mango, shade covered village, be good.
Be good grass, morning wind, be good.
Good morning sun, Magh’s cuckoo,
Goodbye Buck, Ariel Bill,
Be good, sing Madhumati, be good.
Be good fair, red childhood, be good.
Be good, be good, be good.


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