“Good luck, good day. Remember forever.

Exaggeration quote


1 / Good moment, good day. Remember forever. Put away the troubles, fulfill the dreams, see new good dreams, remember me.

2 / If you can’t laugh, don’t cry. If you can’t give pleasure, don’t give pain. If you can’t love, don’t hate. And if you can not be a friend, will not be an enemy?

3 / Never play with people’s faith. Then one day you will see, you will not find anyone in this world to convince you.

4 / Everybody is your own, not in your mind, who is your own after work, love can be performed in a sweet tone, it is easy to say love, not love !!

5 / After birth, it takes a maximum of 2 years to learn to talk to people, but it takes a lifetime to learn what to talk about somewhere – the whole life!

8 / Happiness is the name of the most valuable asset in the world. Whose buyer is all but the seller is only one — Allah .. !!

7 / If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one,

Because if you really loved the first person, you will never fall in love with the second person .. !!

7 / Believe in someone who makes you feel guilty about being sad.

Love someone who will be afraid of losing you all the time, will look for you without talking to you.

9 / You don’t need much to be happy. Need some people who really understand you !!

10 / It is very difficult when someone special is neglecting you and it is even more difficult

When you have to act, you don’t think anything of it!

11 / If the bird of the forest loses you when you wake up .. then there is your failure. ~ Hazrat Abu Bakr (R)

12 / You are beautiful to look at, do not hate others. Because, in whose hand you are created, he is created. Never be arrogant about your beauty.

13 / Strong is not the person who can wrestle very much. Rather, the one who is strong is the one who can control himself in anger. – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

14 / Sometimes it is difficult to learn to walk alone? Because, without whom you can’t walk, or think you can’t live, he’s alive without you.

15 / If tears come to someone’s eyes for your little arrogance, then remember, no one loves you more than that!

16 / Do not take revenge on yourself, wait for Allah. Then he will save you. Hazrat Sulaiman (AS)

16 / Although everything is uncertain in the future, one’s own death is certain and destruction is for him whose day is not better than yesterday’s ত ..so he will try to get better every day.

16 / You will build such a life, you will laugh at death, you will cry.

19 / The past will hurt you, the future will give you hope and the present will always be with you. So always think about the present. (Humayun Ahmed)

20 / If you get hurt again and again in your life, don’t feel guilty for it. Don’t get in trouble. Just remember,

‘The tree whose fruit is the sweetest is the one that is most often stoned to death.

21 / Don’t think yourself too clever. Don’t forget – if you have the ability to walk silently, someone else has the ability to fly in the air, not uncommon.

22 / You will not be tired even if you walk restlessly in the heart of the hot desert, you will stand for a moment, if hope is strong, determination is firm….

23 / Do not go to the people of the mind to express more emotions. Because he can take advantage of your weakness.

24 / If you love someone, love them forever. And if you don’t live, you will never live. Toy playing with ignorant mind, do not give pain to any innocent heart 6.

25 / We forget who fed us rasgolla a hundred times, but we remember who once twisted our ears .. !! Remember the next benefit.

26 / If you can’t be a good pencil, to write someone’s happy story..then be a good rubber, as if you can erase someone’s sorrow… !!

27 / Never rely too much on anyone in life, because in the dark your shadow leaves you.

28 / A person who is much happier with a little, but he also suffers a lot with a small injury. The greater the power of pleasure, the greater the power of suffering. So don’t hurt anyone.

29 / It is better to stay in a hut with full satisfaction, there is no selfishness in living in a big building with dissatisfaction.

30 / Two people in the world should love too much. One is the one who gave birth to you and the other is the one who gave birth to you.


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