The importance of friends

Friend means a little cool shade on a sunny afternoon
Friend means the doctor’s love for the patient.

Friend means to get the height of the sun in the winter morning
Friend means giving a friend a hug in a boring class.

Friend means traveling on a long drive
Friend means hiding a friend’s faults from others.

Friend means never miss a call on mobile
Friend means taking the hotel bill forward.

Friends means walking together for the rest of your life
Friend means to speak freely.

Friends means being together happily
Friend means palm fan in summer.

Friend means to forget the differences and come closer
Friend means the love of the rich towards the poor.

Friend means giving a little companionship to loneliness
Friend means pulling the orphan closer.

Friend means to leave the seat in the crowd of the bus
Friend means sharing grief.

Friends means Friends Day, Friends Package Announcement
Friend means friend search, friend address on website.

Friend means small mobile box in my hand
Friend means you don’t have to know everything huge.

Friend means friend knows what friend means
What a day without my friend!


Ways to choose good friends

Choosing good friends is an important part of every human life. There are no people in this world who do not have friends. A good friend can change the course of one’s life. Some people get a lot of success in life through friends. Again, many people get enmity through friendship. So we have to be careful in choosing friends. Otherwise you will face extreme danger. Now I will tell you how to choose a good friend.

1. Identify enthusiastic friends in choosing good friends.

A good friend will encourage you to do something good. So that we can do better. So choosing enthusiastic friends is very important

2. Find an honest friend

The basic aspect of a good person is honesty. An honest friend never wants his friend to be bad. So if you want to choose a good friend, you have to find an honest friend. There is a saying, “Heaven with the righteous is defeated with the wicked. So an honest friend is better than fifty dishonest friends.

3. Who is interested in listening to you

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Whether he listens to you when you speak. Is he busy with Facebook or anything else when you talk to him? Then you will understand that he is not interested in listening to you. A real friend looks into his friend’s eyes and listens to all his words. Care should be taken to choose a good friend.

4. How much time do you give?

A true friend will give him time to call his friend no matter how important his work is. So in choosing a good friend, you have to pay attention to how much time your friend gives you.

5. Selfless friend

There are many people in our society who make friends with everyone for their own needs and when their needs are met, they can no longer be found. Keep yourself away from them. A true friend will be selfless whether he spends time with friends without any self interest.

6. Stay away from being critical

If your friend says something bad about you in the absence of another friend who is very good to you, then understand that he is criticizing you with another friend in your absence. Such a friend can never be a good friend. So stay away from them all the time.

7. Whether the selected friend cares about you:

How much your friend values you. Does he care about the market or the noise or does he avoid it? A true friend of hundreds of thousands of people will talk to you and pay attention to you.

8. Note the fact that you have to be by your side in difficult times to choose a good friend

There are some friends who will be by your side when you are happy and if you call them when you are sad and they will not respond to your call. Avoid such friends.

9. Promise keeper

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Whether he wants to keep your word. The real friend keeps talking to his friend.

10. Generous and playful mind

Generous and open-minded friends are real friends. Because, they always benefit others. You have something to learn from it. They teach people to forgive.

Finally, choosing a good friend is very important. So you have to be very careful in choosing good friends.