Ways to forget the past.

There is nothing wrong with thinking a little about the past, but if we try to judge everything in our lives by the past, it is not only wrong but also very harmful for our future. Here are five key pointers in moving forward.

1st way: Acceptance, everyone has a past where there are happy moments with smiles as well as eye-watering stories but no matter how hard we try to delete or forget but the more we try to forget, the later we remember. So we should accept it and learn to live independently. One day you will see that the past does not show you much strength. After a few days you will reach a stage when it will not hurt as much as before.

2nd way: Some people, some objects, some places that remind us of the past with the pain of being lost. All those people because of whom our past is so sad today we have to forget those people and stay away. There are also some people who remind us over and over again of the troubled past that must be avoided. All the jeans that remind you of the past have to be removed from the front of the eyes, all the things that are hidden from the eyes will one day disappear from the mind.

Method 3: Most of the time we worry more about things that will never happen to us or will not work. In the same way, it is important for us to think more about the future than the past, but we are after the past. The past is the page of an old diary that can be read but cannot be changed in any way. So these useless thoughts are nothing but ruining your own life, so think about the future without thinking about the past, it will be good for everyone. We all have a future, everyone has a family, everyone has a goal in life. I have to do it, I have to do it, I have to take the helm of the world. So don’t sit back and think about what you need, not from tomorrow – from today.

4th way: Let’s do something new. Many have thought about the past. Sadness is in everyone’s life but very few people can overcome it and live with a smile on their face. If you keep on crying, don’t hold on to it, if you hold on to it, your pain will be doubled and the truth is that holding on to tears makes people weaker. So when you get your tears, you will do it, then a suppressed pain inside the mind will go away. Let’s start filling the mind with new memories from today, and keep the mind happy with a few things. The more you build new memories, the more the old ones will be pressed down.

5th way: You should forgive the person who caused your past life to be sad without being angry, because not everyone can forgive, only great people can forgive. But try to do something good by forgiving him and remembering where we should not forget everyone’s misbehavior. Those who call you bad today may one day say good.

The biggest thing is, advice is something that fools don’t understand! And the wise are not needed, but the advice is something we all need.