I just love you.

1) I will rain if you are wet, I will be tears if you cry, I will be lost if you look. I will love you if you understand me.

2) I saw you sleeping in the morning light that day. I know I’ve loved you ever since

3) Your eyes are lost in the middle of the sphere, daughter

4) Love means walking on the street thinking about it and laughing unknowingly.

5) A true lover does not love hundreds of girls. Instead, he loves a girl in hundreds of ways!

6) Love is not seen in anything, love is just like that, if you see something in love, it can be love or not love.

7) Who says the moon can not be touched that this! I touched it.

8) It seems that only I and only you and the male silence of the sky, the lonely star of the night, how long I have said half a word in the ear!

9) I put you in my bosom
No one can take you away
Where do I go, who do I have,
The world is so dark without you,
One world love I will give you,
I will be yours forever

10) The world is mine thinking of you
Unseen yet go to it
Only you in me
I didn’t get anything else.

11) Fountain flowing in the mind
It brought a flood of love.
The raft of oblivion floated away
The beginning is the game of love.

12) You are my colorful dream, the artist’s color picture.
You are my moonlight, morning sun.
You are the only cool one in the middle of my river.
You are the hyacinth flower of my love.

13) If you look a little you are the clouds are gold
Why don’t you see that I am sitting in the open sky
Why don’t you think one on the same sky head
Why don’t you see that I am sitting in the open sky

14) A few thousand just to see your smile
You can survive in an instant of a year.
Someone else is the reason for his laughter.

15) I dream for you
You say you will come
Waiting for you
You say you love.

16) Love means madness of emotion,
Love means a little mischief.
Love is just a fantasy
Love means seeing one’s own shadow among others.

17) I have placed in the boundaries of the heart,
Didn’t say I still love the wire.
Going back to say love is eighty.
How do I explain how much I love the wire?

18) Wrapped in a winter blanket, standing in the fog,
Raise both hands, if the mind is thrilled by the cool touch of the dew.
Don’t understand that I am by your side all the time.

19) Love for you was born 10 million years ago,
I’m still waiting for you to say love.
I didn’t come to catch you, I came to catch you!

20) More than that
Want to love you more
Will you give me that right?

21) I see you in a multitude of dreams,
You live in all imagination,
Countless poems written only about you,
Waiting for your endless friendship.

22) Love is very necessary today because there is a mind.
There are so many love arrangements today because there are dreams.
I will meet a beautiful mind

  • I am waiting all the time. *
  • 23) I love only you
    Today and just like before.
  • 24) Girls are prone to passionate love
    And the boys’ love is unspoken.
  • 25) Love knows that love is for him. The mind can be given to him, who knows how to feel !. Trust him, who knows how to keep. And love him, who knows how to give love.
  • 26) Love does not mean how many times you can say you love, love is how many times you can prove that you love
  • 27) If I ever get lost in that distant land of stars, will you still find me in love? If one day the lamp of my hope goes out, will you light the island of light? If I ever get lost on the distant horizon, will I still be on the edge of your mind?
  • 28) Although this may be the case,
    No or not seen!
    I can be a partner,
    Don’t think you’re alone!
    I love you,
    I can give life!
    He is happy to find you,
    I’ll eavesdrop!
  • 29) I think the sky is scattered,
    Don’t tell me where to hide.
    I live and dream of becoming a beaver.
    Don’t get lost in the heart,
    The only thing I love is you.