Ten interesting facts about friends

‘Friend means to be a little side by side, friend means to hold hands, friend means in foolish arrogance but friend because friend knows …’ Your ‘friend’ may know everything, but you should also know. There have been many pictures of friendship in Bollywood too.

1) If you don’t have a friend in your life to whom you can talk about everything, it can be very harmful to your health like intoxication or obesity.

2) On an average, a person has 398 good friends in his whole life. But the funny thing is that only one out of every 12 friends survives in the end.

3) In words, if there is a real tension in the friendship, but after 50 years of no contact, even if the friends hug each other just like before.

4) Friendship is a feeling that is formed in children from the time when they do not even learn to express themselves well. Children’s attraction to a particular toy or soft toy is actually a kind of friendship.

5) A mere friendship between an adult man and an adult woman without any sexual desire is very rare. A study from the University of Wisconsin says that 6 percent of men are physically attracted to their girlfriends, even in general friendships.

6) A 2004 report by the American Sociological Review states that in the last 20 years, from the eighties of the last century to the millennium, the number of loyal friends worldwide has declined by an average of one-third.

6) A research report from Cornell University says that most people have two best friends or best friends in their life.

6) Friendships in the workplace are very rare. Colleagues and friends are never synonymous. According to a LinkedIn survey, 6 percent of people born after 1980 are willing to give up friendship with a colleague for promotion.

9) Girls are much more friendly than boys. Research from an educational institution in London says boys value family relationships more than friends.

10. According to anthropologist Robin Dunbar, love destroys at least two friendships in the life of every human being. Boy or girl, he loses two of his closest friends within a few days of falling in love.