Thomas Alva Edison who is the artisan of enlightening this world.

Thomas Alva Edison who is the artisan of enlightening this world. He invented gramophone video cameras and bulbs, many of which turned the tide of twentieth-century life. If you listen to the events of his life, the peacock of your life can also win.

One day when the child Edison returned home with a piece of paper in his mother’s hand, she asked him to give her the letter, and she told him to read it. Edison’s mother took the letter from his hand and Edison said to his mother, “Well, mother, what is written in it?” Edison’s mother opened the letter and her eyes watered with tears! He held back his tears and stared at his favorite Edison, saying, “Your son is very talented. We don’t have a teacher in this small school who can teach a very talented student like him.” Edison’s mother died of an illness several days later, as long as Edison’s mother lived to tell the story. Several years after his mother’s death, Edison became one of the country’s leading scientists. One day he went to look for something he needed and suddenly found a letter from his school teacher addressed to his mother. The letter was wrapped, he opened the letter and saw that what was written in the letter was that your son is mentally retarded, he has no talent, we can no longer keep him in our school so he was expelled from school.

Edison read the letter and became very emotional. He wrote in his diary that Edison had a mental retardation in his childhood. His mother made the disabled boy one of the most talented people in the country today. Wondering what we got from a short story in Edison’s life? Only a person’s positive outlook and inspiration can change the story of another life. Had it not been for his mother’s courage and inspiration, Edison might have been a mentally retarded boy for the rest of his life. How an Edison was made Today thousands of Edison just fall from this place of inspiration. You also have a magic that can change the lives of thousands of people around the world, that magic is to encourage people. Let’s become a magician from today and help the people around us with a little inspiration.

There are many people in our society who never encourage boys to do good deeds. They do not want a boy to do good deeds. They can’t do anything good on their own and don’t let others do it. Finally remember one thing very few people will encourage and inspire you to do good deeds! For this, do something new without listening to anyone’s words, do good deeds by inspiring others.

Love everyone Rely on very few people Do nothing wrong to anyone.