The instructive story of friendship

I heard a story.
Friendship story.
The story goes like this …

There were a lot of green leaves on a tree by the side of the road. The leaves used to have a lot of fun when the wind came, and they used to play swinging.

One day a very strong wind came. While playing, a leaf fell off and fell down.

The wind was blowing so hard that the leaf could not stay under the tree.

He thought to himself, the wind will blow me away today.

There was a lump of soil under the tree. He understood the mind of the leaf. He slowly came to the leaf and said, don’t be afraid.

The wind can’t blow you away. I’ll sit on you and hold you.

The fear of the leaves was lessened by the word of the soil. The soil sat on the leaves so the wind could not blow away the leaves.

After a while, it suddenly started raining. As soon as it started raining, I thought to myself, I will probably melt today because of the rain.

The leaves understood the mind of the soil.

He said to the mound, “Don’t worry. The rain can’t do anything to you. I’ll cover you.”

So the leaves went and hid the soil. The rain could not melt the soil.

This time he said to the mound of soil, “We are friends from today. We have helped each other, so we are both alive today. From now on, we will help each other.”

I was happy to hear that the leaves were loose. Since then they are two friends and always help each other. Friendship should be like that.