Use simple speech techniques

বক্তৃতা দেওয়ার সহজ কৌশল অবলম্বন করা

Mr. Sadeq is the storekeeper of an organization. A man with a big mind.

From being a peon in the office to a very big gentleman, he has great respect for everyone.

Due to this extra consideration, Mr. Sadeq often has to pay various compensation.

For example, if someone goes on holiday, he has to take the responsibility. This happens every time. Mr. Sadeq doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

But not all days are the same. On that day he was in charge of the public relations officer of the office.

On the same day of the holiday, MBA students of a private university came to Dhaka to visit the institution and explain the activities of their institution.

Fifteen students have to give lectures in front of them. He has never done that before. He has no past experience in lecturing.

What will happen then? He somehow got rid of that journey on the pretext of being ill.

Is it really scary to give a speech in front of people? Doesn’t it become possible by everyone? Is this power innate? Can anyone acquire this power by trying and pursuing? The simple answer to those who do research on personal development is that you too can become a good speaker if you are a little enterprising.

You too can acquire the ability to give a simple, fluent speech in front of many people. In that case, we have to pay attention to something extra.


the centenary of Bangabandhu’s

On the occasion of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence and the centenary of Bangabandhu’s birth, Hifazat leaders were instructed to occupy Chittagong’s Hathazari police station on March 26, the first day of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Dhaka.
Among those involved were 300 to 400 Rohingya. Who have been secretly living permanently in Hathazari Madrasa for a long time. This shocking information has come up in the remand of Hefazat leaders.
During the interrogation of the arrested persons, it was learned that two days before the incident, the leaders instructed the madrasa students to attack and occupy the Hathazari police station in any way. But no banner of custody can be used. However, due to the readiness of the police, their objective was not successful. He said the interrogation and investigation of the leaders revealed that 300 to 400 Rohingyas who had entered Bangladesh have been living in the Hathazari Madrasa for a long time. Some of them work in the mess or dining of the madrasa, some of them guard the madrasa and some of them study in the madrasa. Since they have no place to go, they stay here permanently and eat and drink for free. They are used by the top leaders of Hefazat at the forefront of destructive work. They are forced to go to work.