In the case of selection of spouses

In the case of selection of spouses

Omar (R) used to walk around at night to know the exact condition of the people. One night when he came in front of a small cottage, he heard a conversation inside the house. The mother is ordering the daughter, ‘Mix water with milk. It’s dawn. The girl replied, ‘No mother, Omar (R) forbade mixing water with milk. He will punish if he finds out. ‘

The mother said, “Did you see Omar?” The girl said, ‘I will obey him in public, and disobey him in secret? By God! It is not possible for me at all. In another narration, he said, ‘Omar (R) may not be watching us, but his Lord is watching us! Hearing all this in secret, Omar (R) identified the house and returned. He later married the girl to his son Hamem. She gave birth to two daughters, one of whom gave birth to Omar bin Abdul Aziz (R) (Tarikhu Madinati Damascus 60/253).


In the selection of spouses, piety and piety should be given precedence over all other virtues.


Daughter of Baghdad

The capital of Iraq is Baghdad. This city in the Middle East has a long history of Islam. However, I will not highlight any Islamic history today. Today I will tell a beautiful story of a pious girl in this city. The story is-

There was a pious girl in the city of Baghdad, who was always engaged in prayers, fasting, and recitation of the Qur’an from an early age. In this way, the girl grew up at one time. One day the girl’s parents asked her to consent to the marriage, and she agreed. His parents fixed a righteous pot. Then the wedding day was fixed. All the arrangements for the wedding have been completed as usual. The girl was dressed as a bride.

Meanwhile, the call to prayer was made, the girl got up from the meeting and went to offer prayers. Relatives all began to say, hey what are you doing? Right now the bridegroom will come, your outfit will be ruined, what will you say if you see the bridegroom in this condition? The daughter replied, I do not fear anyone but Allah, whatever Allah will do for my good. I can’t disobey God’s command for what anyone says.

Then the girl went to pray. After a while the girl is not coming. Then the girl’s mother went to see her in the prayer room. The mother saw the girl still prostrating. Seeing the delay in getting up from prostration, the mother looked at her daughter’s body with her hands. The girl went after the mother to give her hand. It remains to be seen whether the girl died. Inna Lillahi and Inna Ilahi Raziun.

What a beautiful death. What could be better than death in the state of prostration in the court of God? The dignity of a martyr if he dies while praying. This beautiful story is taken from the book ‘Teachings of Quran and Hadith’.

The righteousness of the Muslim general Amr

The righteousness of the Muslim general Amr

One day there was a commotion in the Christian countryside of Alexandria. Someone broke the nose of a stone statue of Jesus Christ last night. Christians have become excited. They assumed that it was the work of Muslims only.
Christian leaders came to Muslim general Amr to demand justice and revenge for wrongdoing. I heard everything. Very sorry to hear. In return, he wanted to redesign the statue.

But the Christian leaders’ desire for revenge was different. Expressing their determination, a Christian leader said, “We consider Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. We are deeply hurt by his insult to his image. Money is not enough compensation. We want to disrespect you by making an image of your Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). ” Hearing this, Amr (ra) ignited like gunpowder, his face became inflamed with great anger. Restraining himself for a moment, he pointed to the Christian bishop and said, “My request, any proposal other than this one, I agree to.” I am ready to cut off the nose of any one of us and give it to you, whose nose you want. ”
Christian leaders all agreed to the proposal.

The next day Christians and Muslims gathered in a large square. Amr, the ruler of Egypt, appeared before the bishop and said,
“It is my responsibility to govern this country. The humiliation of you has revealed the weakness of my rule. So take the sword and you cut my nose. ”

With that he handed the bishop a sharp sword. The crowd is stunned, the Christians are stunned. Thinking around. He was afraid to breathe in silence. Suddenly a Muslim soldier came to break the silence.
“I am the culprit, there is no fault of Sipahsalar. I cut off the nose of the idol, I have it in my hand! ”

The soldier came forward and let him get his nose under the bishop’s sword. Stunned bishop. Everyone is speechless.
The bishop’s conscience was thrilled. The bishop threw down his sword and said,
“Blessed is the general, blessed is this brave soldier, and blessed is your Muhammad, in whose great ideals a noble, generous, fearless and strong man like you has been formed. There is no doubt that it is wrong to disrespect the image of Jesus Christ, but it would be even more wrong to dismember this beautiful and living body today. I also salute that great ideal prophet. ”

#3Use simple speech techniquesUse simple speech techniques

সুবিন্যস্ত পরিকল্পনা


Whether your statement is too long or too long, you need to decide in advance which topic to bring after which point.

It is better not to go on stage than to give a speech with a full written statement in front of you.

When you speak, your eyes will be on the audience. There will be small paper or notes.

Only the points will be sorted. In this way the format and fluency of the content presentation will remain intact.

#²Use simple speech techniques

আপনি যদি শিক্ষানবিশ বক্তা হয়ে থাকেন

Content if you are an apprentice speaker

If you are an apprentice speaker, the first condition for a fluent speech is that the content of the speech should be very simple.

The main goal of any speech is to inform the audience. It is enough to have at least two or one new information.

Heavy speech not only loses the attention of the audience, the speaker loses fluency in it. The speaker must know two aspects.

First you need to check if you can present the whole topic with one or two sentences, which means the comment topic needs to be very informative and objective.

You should not try to give a speech if you do not have a clear idea of what you are going to say.

This will make you a laughing stock to the audience. So at the beginning of the lecture, try to make the content simple, it should be simple, it should not be heavy with a lot of information, it should be explained in a few words and the speaker should have this confidence before listening to the audience, he is fully aware of what he is going to say.

the centenary of Bangabandhu’s

On the occasion of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence and the centenary of Bangabandhu’s birth, Hifazat leaders were instructed to occupy Chittagong’s Hathazari police station on March 26, the first day of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Dhaka.
Among those involved were 300 to 400 Rohingya. Who have been secretly living permanently in Hathazari Madrasa for a long time. This shocking information has come up in the remand of Hefazat leaders.
During the interrogation of the arrested persons, it was learned that two days before the incident, the leaders instructed the madrasa students to attack and occupy the Hathazari police station in any way. But no banner of custody can be used. However, due to the readiness of the police, their objective was not successful. He said the interrogation and investigation of the leaders revealed that 300 to 400 Rohingyas who had entered Bangladesh have been living in the Hathazari Madrasa for a long time. Some of them work in the mess or dining of the madrasa, some of them guard the madrasa and some of them study in the madrasa. Since they have no place to go, they stay here permanently and eat and drink for free. They are used by the top leaders of Hefazat at the forefront of destructive work. They are forced to go to work.