You are the first woman in my life…..

Every woman wants the man she loves so much and they should not look at any other woman without her. And if she is the first woman in the man’s life, then there is nothing imperfect in her life. A woman wants to hear the phrase ‘you are the first woman in my life’ in the face of a male partner. Even if it is a lie, it is the ultimate truth for him.



  1. If a woman is satisfied with a face that lies to the merry accompaniment of hollow words… then what value is truth…?

    If truth means something… one’s intent is pure… and it is the ultimate truth to him, then speak it plain… the heart may not melt… but it will understand… and rejoice…

    All others were but girls… you… are the first woman in my life…

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    1. You can really talk nicely. I won’t belittle you by thanking you.


      1. You have not… what you have done, is given me the opportunity to further practicing being humble…

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  2. Wise Hearted says:

    Where would you say honesty plays a part in this? Say, a man told a women exactly that and she believed it and years later she found out he lied. Honesty never catches a marriage by surprise. Honesty always trumps surprise in this issue. I have been married to the same man for 54 years, trust me, we would have saved a lot of heartache if honesty has been used. We have made it 54 years, through several surprises because God loves us more then we love our mates and the grid we love each other is Jesus is our example in forgiveness. What you describe is everyone women and mans dream person, Jesus trumps dreams too.

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    1. Very good 😊💖💓💓👌🌷


  3. Priti says:

    Yes we women like this type men how do you know 😜😜😂?

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  4. ... says:

    I agree but I have to get a woman first. Have a merry Christmas


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