You are the first woman in my life…..

Every woman wants the man she loves so much and they should not look at any other woman without her. And if she is the first woman in the man’s life, then there is nothing imperfect in her life. A woman wants to hear the phrase ‘you are the first woman in my life’ in the face of a male partner. Even if it is a lie, it is the ultimate truth for him.


Find the purpose of life

Do You Think You Have No Passion? And that’s why you still can’t succeed? If so, keep reading until the end I will remove all your misconceptions. First of all, you must have some passion inside you. Maybe you don’t know what that Passion is or what it is! If you didn’t have a passion inside you, you wouldn’t read this inspirational story and watch another hot story or funny one.

KFC founder Colonel Sanderc was a lawyer before he started KFC. Since then he has worked in many small businesses and jobs and in various places. But he did not have a passion for these, so this is how his 40 years are cut! Forty years later, he realized that his passion was to feed people. And this Passion came to him from the age of 6 when he used to cook and feed his siblings. Now we all know that after finding his Passion, he has done that all his life. He achieved such success that even after his death it did not diminish but his name spread all over the world. Now the question may come to your mind that what can I do when I can’t find my passion? The answer is that you are always doing something or other, one day you will find your passion.

  • Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook: He never thought about it before he created Facebook. First he made some small tools and then he made Facebook together. It was one of his college projects when Facebook found Mark Passion successful.
  • Amazon is the largest store in the world today that started with just selling books. The founder of Amazon was not passionate about making the biggest store.
  • The founders of Google never thought their small college project would become the largest company in the world today. There are many instances where they were not Passionate even with the name of the Website where first Action was done and then Passion came. So friends, if you still think that you have no Passion inside, I will say that you have not been able to match your Passion yet. And for this you have to work hard, then Passion will find you Insha-Allah. Successful people are in control of almost every single situation and have started working with a positive attitude. What you are doing now may be 100% of the day. Do the job or study with the mind. Passion will find you.
  • Remember one thing, winners never lose and losers never win. Sorry you can’t get anywhere but try. The real identity of the winner is to try again even after losing. Learn to listen properly because the call for opportunity sometimes comes in a light way – so always be prepared.