You are the first woman in my life…..

Every woman wants the man she loves so much and they should not look at any other woman without her. And if she is the first woman in the man’s life, then there is nothing imperfect in her life. A woman wants to hear the phrase ‘you are the first woman in my life’ in the face of a male partner. Even if it is a lie, it is the ultimate truth for him.


Some advice

Exaggeration quote

1) We sell only to meet different millions. When one lakh is fulfilled, another lakh comes and appears in front.

When I think about it, I find that fulfilling all the goals is unprofitable. I have gotten into this situation as hard as I have, but the value of what I have had to give up is much higher.

For him, survival seems to be just waiting to die. In the middle of achieving goals just do something from just being subdued. That’s why you can’t wait to die.

2) The thing I have learned from life is that there is no one to benefit

If no one wants to help you, you will end up in danger.

Rather, he will remember for the rest of his life what he will do for his needs… and he will be grateful. And if for any reason you need to cooperate with him

If you can’t, that’s what you’ll remember for the rest of your life… that’s what you’ll always show and

He will forget the benefits of your previous advancement… this is normal [this happens not to everyone but to most people].

3) If you want to give someone a run, first you have to learn how to run well, otherwise there is a possibility of running and giving a run.

4) There is only one life, if this one life is spent on income and food, then what is left in life …

He is comfortable with his wife, son and daughter by earning good money by doing good job like other ordinary people

I gave up my lazy life … but what good did it do me … I made my son and daughter dependent!

One day I will die … No one felt the need to survive except for a few people close to me … So does this life have any meaning !!!!!!

5) What has happened is good, what is happening is getting better, what will happen will also be good. What have you lost, that you are crying?

What did you bring that you lost? Have you created that which is ruined? What you took, you took from here,

Here is what you gave. What you have today, yesterday it was someone else’s, the day after tomorrow it will be someone else’s. Change is the rule of the world.

6) Coal dust will not get rid of coal dirt, but there is a chance of depletion of coal erosion. And we should all take that opportunity.

6) ✬ Human life is like a flowing river. Just as rivers are created by the blows of stones, so are obstacles created by the blows of human beings.

Experience is gained. By eating what he learns to understand life, he learns to recognize. The river is like a river when it is hit by a rock

In the same way, in human life, it is seen that he stepped on one path but when the path was blocked, he stepped on the other path. Once he got his way. This is how human life is created.

As the waves rise in the river, so do the storms of sorrow, suffering, emptiness in human life.

In the evolution of time such river waves stop. In the same way, the wave of life stops. So it will take time for the waves to calm down.

6) Man’s day of death is his true birthday. Because, the circuit that started from birth is completed by death.

The portrait of a man after death is visible in front. So death is his real birthday. ‘

9) The death penalty is a very low standard of punishment. Because it frees the criminal and punishes something

Relatives of innocent people (such as father, brother, sister, wife, children).

10. The meaning of life is different for every human being in the world. As the meaning of my life changes over time,

Similarly, I think every person finds his life in a different sense at different times. For some people, living in this beautiful world is the name of life. Some people think that life is not just about living, they think about finding happiness in life.

Some people think that it is possible to find the real meaning of life only by owning a lot of money and property. In fact, life is:

শুরু The beginning of a beautiful morning means life …

জীবন Spending every moment happily means life

জীবন Gaining self-satisfaction means life

জীবন Life is meant to alleviate all kinds of pain

All those sorrows overcome the hardships … Life is in the midst of overcoming every obstacle.

জীবন Life is between walking on one’s own will and standing up against injustice.

11) ‘Life is a flowing stream. Sometimes undulating, sometimes undisturbed. Maybe a momentary journey. Nothing more.

Survival is a wonder, but enjoying life through good deeds should be the main goal of human life. So that people survive even after death

There is a lot of discussion about what is being done. Life is dedicated to human welfare, the welfare of the country.

What can I give to this generation I am nobody, nothing. I can only give my life. ‘

12) ‘The greatest way to understand life is to live life, to live life as you are.

13) “All my problems are you” stand, do not leave after hearing this. The whole sentence may be “All my problems have been solved since you came”.

14) ✬ Do not waste time planning. Whenever you have to plan … because no event

There is no certainty that things will happen as planned, so why should I waste both time and brain with pre-planning.

15. Excessive expectations always turn into despair. Never expect too much. Be sure about your qualifications before expecting.

Then expect according to merit. When you don’t get anything as expected, frustration naturally comes and fills your mind. So think ahead to reality.

Running after something unreal reduces the length of life as precious time passes from life. So rejoice in what you have succeeded in doing.

16. Self-centeredness and the ‘before me’ attitude transforms life into a tedious one. Kindness and empathy, on the other hand, transform life into joy.

Haji Muhammad Mohsin of Danbir used to say, I have only one life. I can’t go the way I’m going now.

16. People have been asking since ancient times. For example, our children ask what is it? What is that? At one time the human race was also a child.

Then people are asking, what is it? What’s that? At one time we used to say, the sun is rising, the sun is setting. But no, now I say, I’m getting up, I’m drowning.

The universe has an attraction. There are more globes like Earth, there is also the power of attraction.

16) No matter how well you treat a person or be friendly with him, one day

You misbehaved with him because he was distracted. He will not understand what is on your mind. You will remember him for the rest of your life.

19) You can never snatch someone else’s love or force others to like you.

All you can do is create yourself in such a way that everyone is fascinated by your usage and starts liking you.

Where Does our Self-Esteem Come From?

Our self-esteem develops and evolves throughout our lives as we build an image of ourselves through our experiences with different people and activities. Experiences during our childhood play a particularly large role in the shaping of our basic self-esteem.

When we were growing up, our successes (and failures) and how we were treated by the members of our immediate family, by our teachers, coaches, religious authorities, and by our peers, all contributed to the creation of our basic self-esteem .

An adult who has healthy self-esteem was given this gift in childhood. This could have been done in many ways. Probably one of the most important is being praised for accomplishments. Children who are talked to respectfully and listened to also contributed to healthy self-esteem in adulthood. These children were hugged often and given attention and experienced some type of success in school or sporting activities.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have to identify the childhood for those adults who have poor self-esteem. These children were often criticized harshly, were yelled at or beaten, and were given little attention by those they were closest to. They were ridiculed and even teased as they experienced failures in their young lives. They were made to feel they had to be perfect in order to be valued and associated failure in situations as a failure of their whole selves.

It’s sad, isn’t it? To think of a child treated that way. What’s even sadder is the effect that treatment has on their lives as adults. We are shaped and molded by our experiences. Do you recognize yourself?

How we feel about ourselves can influence how we live our lives. People who feel that they are likable and lovable (in other words people with good self-esteem) have better relationships. They are more likely to ask for help and support from friends and family when they need it. People who believe they can accomplish goals and solve problems are more likely to do well in school. Having good self-esteem allows you to accept yourself and live life to the fullest.

Self-esteem plays a role in almost everything we do. People with high self-esteem do better in school and find it easier to make friends. They tend to have better relationships with peers and adults, feel happier, find it easier to deal with mistakes, disappointments, and failures and are more likely to stick with something until they succeed. It takes some work, but it’s a skill you’ll have for life.

This book is about how to raise your self-esteem, so we will focus on the low self-esteem that many people have these days. You can overcome issues with low self-esteem. It’s not as difficult as you might think. In fact, all you have to do is recognize, understand, and use the techniques we will give you.

One of the initial questions we feel compelled to address is what exactly self-esteem is.

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